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The Life Exhibition – Chichester

The Life exhibition is all set up and ready to go! First class of the day will arrive at Swanfield Chapel, Chichester at 9.20am.

This week Monday to Friday the (Counties) Life exhibition will be hosted at Swanfied Chapel with a variety of local schools beinmg transported in each day.

The Life Exhibition is a multi-media experience designed for primary school children which complements and works alongside existing RE teaching. Using interactive tablets, QR codes, graphics, quizzes, films, songs and a discussion café, Life helps children learn – in just over one hour – about the story of Jesus and his relevance today.

The exhibition is often FREE to schools thanks to the sponsorship of local churches (like Swanfield Chapel) and Counties. It is aimed at Year 5 & Year 6 pupils, although sessions can be adapted to include pupils in Year 3 & Year 4.

Fot further information: Click Here

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