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BBHP 2017 – Sunday

Keep praying!

BBHP 2017 – Saturday

Keep praying!

BBHP 2017 – Friday

Please pray for Martin Erwin the speaker over the weekend, that God will help him to pitch the talks at the right level and be a real help to the folks on the weekend!

FistServe Update!

Craig and Sarah are now safely in Zambia. Here’s a short update from them:

We’ve arrived in Ndola safe and sound. It was a rocky journey back to the GLO centre where we’re staying. On the first day we received a warm welcome, the Zambians such a hospitable people. We tried the traditional Zambian food calls ‘nshima’ as soon as we arrived, which tastes like overcooked rice. We’ve been involved in one of the kids camps going on this week and it’s been great fun playing football and singing songs with them, they’re all so joyful and free in their worship, it’s heart warming. On our first evening there was a potentially poisonous snake outside our door, not to mention a crazy amount of ants in our house, it’s definitely going to take some time to get used to the culture and surroundings but we’re both looking forward to seeing how God uses us.


Please pray:

– we would adapt to the culture changes
– we would know God’s presence with us
– we would have gospel opportunities and be able to speak truth into the young people’s lives
– for our physical, emotional and spiritual protection

Give thanks for:

– safe travels
– relationships built
– this amazing opportunity we have working with GLO Zambia — with Craig Bruce and Sarah Laurenson.

FirstServe is a unique discipleship and missions programme, primarily for 18-25 year-olds on a gap year, or those with a shorter time available.

Gordon is part of the FistServe Steering Group.

‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club 2017

Great to finish ‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club 2017 with a prize-giving finale!

We pulled up the anchor and set sail onboard ‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club. Each day children from school year R to year 5 joined with us to enjoy two hours of fun and excitement. A mixture of quizzes, crafts, DVD’s, Bible stories, activities, games, competitions and a lot more!

Good Friday!

Good Friday is the Friday of Holy Week, the Friday before Easter Day. It is thought that the name Good Friday is an altered form of God’s Friday. On this special day, God made it possible for people to be forgiven and know him in a new and special way.

Good Friday was the day when Jesus stood trial before the Priests and later a Roman Governor called Pilate. Although Pilate could not find any wrong in Jesus, he was still sentenced to death by crucifixion. Later that day after having been beaten and mocked Jesus was crucified. He died in the afternoon. His body was taken from the cross and put into a guarded tomb.

Good Friday is a day when Christians remember what Jesus did for them. It is the day that Christians remember God allowing Jesus, his perfect son, to take the world’s sin – all the things people have done wrong – onto Himself. Christians believe that when Jesus died He took the punishment for all of their individual sins. This means that they have been forgiven, and because of this God can be friends with them – both here on earth and when they die, in Heaven.

You can read the story of Good Friday in the Bible:
Matthew chapters 26-27, Mark chapters 14-15, Luke chapters 22-23 and John chapters 18-19.

Quote: Max Lucado wrote “[The cross] rests on the time line of history like a compelling diamond…History has idolized and despised it, goldplated and burned it, worn it and trashed it. History has done everything but ignore it…Never has timber been regarded so sacred.”

itruth@Swanwick Nature Reserve

Hamble Heights Care Home

(Penny singing the Easter song ‘See What A Morning’)

‘itruth’ Tueday Afternoon

Adventure Cruise Holiday Club DRC 2017 Day 1