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Southfield Church Nailsea.

Always enjoy my yearly visit to Southfield Church Nailsea, this will be the furthest I have travelled to preach ‘in person’ since lockdown!
Love the topic that I have been asked to talk about: ‘If God is for real how can I get to know him?’

Nailsea is a town in Somerset, England, 8 miles (13 km) southwest of Bristol, and 11 miles (18 km) northeast of Weston-super-Mare.

déjà vu

déjà vu:
Preaching ‘in person’ at Duncan Road Church this morning 10.30am and then off to Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London this afternoon to support the Christian apologists and take part in some ore open-air debating with the many Muslims who gather there week by week.

Junior School Assembly. Theme: ‘Teamwork’

Ready for this week a Junior School Assembly. Theme: ‘Teamwork’ by Gordon Curley

Zoom Counties Hants Report Meeting

Zoom Counties Hants Report Meeting Sept 2020.
Host Venue: Manor Road Evangelical Church. Guildford. UK.


Speakers Corner, London

A word of encouragement

Sermon Central

Always good to know sermons are being helpful to someone, somewhere!

Weekly overview from Sermon Central (where the text of sermons are uploaded):

350 sermon views
67 countries reached

SermonCentral is committed to equipping a worldwide community of pastors and ministry leaders as they prepare for and preach the gospel.

Noah’s Ark Online

We’re Back online on Thursday mornings at 11.00am

FB Noah’s Ark with Penny Curley
A song, a story and a craft.
An online mini-version of Noah’s Ark Toddlers and Babies group which takes place each Thursday morning at Duncan Road Church –

If you have missed any episodes or just want to watch again, then all videos can be found on YouTube as well as FB – YouTube link:

Speakers Corner

Some much needed one-to-one conversations with people who want to know more or who want to ‘convert’ you – makes for a challenging few hours!

Good News Camp 2020

We should have started Good News Camp 2020 today (23/8/20). Due to Covid-19 & the camp site being closed we are going to have to wait another 12 months, so to remind you of those good, good times, a mix of photos from the past few years! See if you can spot yourself!
For those who can make it (helpers & campers), we will see you in 2021