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Date: Tuesday 8th February 2022
Venue: The Park Gate Tandoori (under new management). 
Next to Swanwick Train Station. SO31 1BX
Time: 8.00pm
Guest Speaker: Leo Guzman Aldana who share about his life & Christian faith.
Come along and enjoy some good food and company.

(Note: pay for your own food & drink).
Choose from the online menue:
You can order on the night but if you are able to text or email or message me your order by 7/2/22
that will help speed up the service on the night.

‘The Net’ is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8.00pm.
It is an inter-church event for MEN.

Junior School Assembly – Bird Watch 2022

Junior School Assembly.
Theme: Bird Watch 2022
Bible Link: Worry – Matthew 6:26
Length: 11mins

‘Grace on trial’

‘Grace on trial’Acts chapter 15 verses 1-41 – sermon by Gordon Curley

(PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:


‘Let’s heckle Bob!’

PM: Affter last weeks pantomine of ‘Let’s heckle Bob!’ by the mad Moslem and the angry athiest, me thinks I had beter stand near to encourage him (Short 50secs video)

“As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have least with are the greatest babblers.” – Plato

Last of 5

AM: This Sunday is the last of 5 Sundays at DRC before some guest speakers take over the pulpit in February (Back for March for another 4).

Join us this Sunday back in the building or later online:

Activity: All Age Service
Date: 30th January 2022
Time: 10.30am
Speaker: Gordon Curley
Subject: ‘Grace on trial’
Bible Passage: Acts chapter 115 verse 1-41

The service will be posted later on You tube for anyone to watch.

Penny & Covid

A change of plan as Penny tests positive for Covid – at least she can have a few days rest!

Whitemoor Lakes Centre

A chance to take in…looking forward to a few days away (January 24-26. 2022) attending at The Association of Evangelists Conference – Whitemoor Lakes Centre – Staffordshire.
Craig Dyer (Christianity Explored) will be giving three Bible teaching talks over the weekend and a variety of others (including Roger Carswell & David Earnshaw) will provide seminars and other contributions during the weekend.

‘Preaching Provokes Persecution’

‘Preaching Provokes Persecution’ Acts chapter 14 verses 1-28 – sermon by Gordon Curley

(PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

MP3 Audio:


Another Sunday Afternoon!

Another Sunday afternoon at Speakers Corner. Hyde Park. London.
One-to-One Evangelism: Love the buzz of excitment and the unknown factor of who might you be chatting with today!

Sunday Opportunities

Activity: All Age Service.
Time: 10.30am
Venue: Duncan Road Church. SO31 1BD
Speaker: Gordon Curley
Subject: ‘Preaching Provokes Persecution.’
Bible Passage: Acts chapter 14 verse 1-28

Activity: One-to-One Evangelism.
Where: Speakers Corner. Hyde Park. London.