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‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2022 Photo Mix

‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2022 Photo Mix

'BodyBuilders' houseparty 2022

Backpackers Holiday Club DRC 2022

A great week with an enthusiastic crowd of children enjoying, songs, games, Bible stories, Crafts and a whole lot more!

Venue: Duncan Road Church. Southampton.

Each morning our Backpackers went on a two hour journey exploring a European city (Gare du Nord in Paris, the busiest station in Europe, Rome and its many amazing restaurants, the Swiss Alps, the distinctive shape of the Matterhorn & Hyde Park in London, the largest of four Royal Parks in the very heart of the city. as well as discovering some of the places that Jesus visited in the Gospel of Matthew (Entering busy Jerusalem, God’s Son received special worship, The last supper, Mount Calvary & the garden tomb).

Counties Evening March 7th 2022 (Edited version)

Open to anyone interested in evangelism. Share in what God has been doing through ‘Counties’ in Hampshire
Key to Life » Moldova » ‘Noah’s Ark‘ » ‘The Net’ » ‘BodyBuilders’ » Future plans! Plus all the latest News from Gordon & Penny Curley

Gordon Curley talks to James Maidment-Fullard (TWR-UK)

Speakers Corner: The evangelist Gordon Curley talks to James Maidment-Fullard (Trans World Radio TWR-UK).

Today we’re joined by an evangelist who regularly talks about his faith at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.
His name is Gordon Curley – I’m going to be talking to him about what it’s like to debate with others in that place – we’ll also be chatting about the importance of evangelism and how important it is for us to take the Bible seriously.

Moldova Mission 2021 Video

Life should never be dull! Some great memories and another hard to describe time in Moldova, love the people and the uniqueness of this often forgotten place.
A privilege and a thrill to be involved in a 9 day mission helping to assist local Moldovan churches reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ and also a chance to see the aid and food distribution programme in person among the poor (Moldova is Europe’s poorest country)

Counties Evening November 2021

Counties Evening November 2021

Share in what God has been doing through ‘Counties’ in Hampshire…

Key to Life » Moldova » ‘Noah’s Ark‘ » ‘The Net’ » ‘BodyBuilders’ » Future plans! Plus all the latest news from Gordon & Penny Curley

Key to Life in Southampton

Key to Life visited Sarisbury Junior School & Foundry Park Primary School in September 2021

Key to Life is a cutting-edge, mobile experience, sharing the story of Jesus through a unique and immersive lesson. Using floor-to-ceiling touch screens, children can watch films, interact with games and quizzes and take part in small group discussions – helping them explore what Christians believe, and understand how the story of Jesus is the key to Christianity.

About Key to Life

Key to Life is an award-winning mobile experience which delivers elements of the Religious Education syllabus for Key Stage 2 pupils, but is also adaptable for Key Stage 1.
The experience is housed in a purpose-built vehicle that transforms into a large interactive learning space, featuring interactive walls.
The unit is mobile and therefore requires no inside space and can visit a whole host of venues: a school, a church car park, show ground or town centre.

web: <a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Counties Life Expo

Key to Life is a Counties resource that makes Jesus known across the UK through the work of our national network of evangelists, innovative schools’ resources, pioneering church planters and professional training opportunities.

A walk through Speakers Corner

A walk through speakers corner (Aug 1st) and a little montage of Bob, Kay & Hatun in action (from a while ago)!
Length: 8mins

Zoom Counties Hants Report Meeting

Zoom Counties Hants Report Meeting Sept 2020.
Host Venue: Manor Road Evangelical Church. Guildford. UK.


Good News Camp 2020

We should have started Good News Camp 2020 today (23/8/20). Due to Covid-19 & the camp site being closed we are going to have to wait another 12 months, so to remind you of those good, good times, a mix of photos from the past few years! See if you can spot yourself!
For those who can make it (helpers & campers), we will see you in 2021