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Moldova 2017

Nov 25th-Dec 5th: Mission – Moldovan Mission. Soldanesti. Rep of Moldova.

Good News Camp DVD 2017

Alresford Show 2017

Good News Camp 2017

Camp for this year finished today! But here are a few memories (300) to give you a glimpse in to all that goes on in the 6 days of Camp!

CYESC Video 2017

Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre (CYESC) 2017

‘BodyBuilders’ HouseParty 2017

‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club 2017

Great to finish ‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club 2017 with a prize-giving finale!

We pulled up the anchor and set sail onboard ‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club. Each day children from school year R to year 5 joined with us to enjoy two hours of fun and excitement. A mixture of quizzes, crafts, DVD’s, Bible stories, activities, games, competitions and a lot more!

‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club!

‘The Adventure Cruise’ Holiday Club ran all week at Swanfield Chapel. Chichester – a fantastic voyage!

We pulled up the anchor and set sail on board. We Cruised the six ‘C’s and meet people along the way whose lives changed course when they met Jesus.
The six ‘C’s of choice, courage, call, change, commitment and challenge, (stories from the gospel of Luke).

The Alresford Show 2016

Good News Camp 2016

Good News Camp 2016 – another awesome week!
Fun Theme: Space.
Bible Theme: Mark’s Gospel
Plenty of sunshine, fun, laughter, friends and encountering God in a fresh way!

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