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Counties IGNITE Magazine Spring 2024

Counties IGNITE Magazine

Nice to have articles in this edition (catch us on pages 8-9 & 14-15)



6-9 In the second part of our 125th anniversary celebrations, we take a look at Counties summer camps – past and present.

1O-13 Making Jesus Known Today and Tomorrow Spreading the Gospel in Twenty-first Century Britain. An excerpt from Paul Willmott’s chapter on Sharing the Gospel with Children.

14-17 Two Counties Evangelists share how their recent mission trip to Moldova informs their ministry here in the UK.

18-19 Jacob Newman, 19, also visited Moldova as part of TEAM (Counties gap year programme). He tells Ignite about the trip and his time on TEAM.

2O-23 “We are not separated by colour; we are joined in the Lord.”
Counties trainee evangelist, Cheryl Magowan, uses her experiences of ethnicity, as a Christian, to help show us we are all the body of Christ.

24-25 A new Neighbourhood Chaplain from Nigeria explains why the training is helping him to reach out in a predominately white neighbourhood.

26-27 At the start of every year, the Counties East Cluster gets together for 24 hours. It gathered at Arbury Chapel, Cambridge. Andy Mugford and Simon Ladd were there.

28-29 Counties Evangelist, Jonathan Brain and his wife Heather tell Ignite about their new house church and attending the M4 church planting programme.

3O-33 Welcome to an unlikely person in an unlikely place. Beverley Bedford explores the story of Jesus’ relationship with the woman at the well.

34 Evangelists

Mid-January to April News/Prayer Letter 2024

Mid-January to April News/Prayer Letter 2024

News/Prayer Letter Part 1:

Diary Dates Part 2:

Latest news from the Curley’s Mid-September to December 2023

Latest news from the Curley’s Mid-September to December & catch us in an article (pages 13-15) in the Counties IGNITE magazine!

Prayer Letter:

Prayer Diary:

Ignite Magazine:

Autumn’s Ignite Magazine

Another great edition of Ignite magazine, Rob Nicholas shares his journey of finding faith, “From avowed atheist to believer,” & catch the Curley’s on pages 13-15 talking about, “Living by Faith.”


page 6-7 MEMO charity – run by Counties Evangelist, Matt Rich – with three Counties personnel on the Trustees Board – thanks God for amazing witness on social media.

page 8-11 From avowed Atheist to believer, Rob Nicholas, who lives in Ely, Cardiff, shares his journey of finding faith.

page 12-15 Could you support a Counties Evangelist? Ignite’s Editor, Rachel Rounds, finds out why it’s needed.

page 16-19 As Counties continues to encourage churches to join Counties Planting Network, a UK delegation joined the M4 Europe National Leaders Gathering in Norway. James Hyde was there.

page 2O-21 As a foretaste of Counties Connect Conference in October, nearly 250 worshipers gathered for a celebration of ‘Being in God’s Presence’. Counties Evangelist, Tim Cracknell shares.

page 22-25 Why I hope to see you at Counties Connect Conference 23 – a message from Martin Erwin.

page 26-29 “Is today’s church clinging on to the ‘means’ at the expense of the ‘mission’ and losing its vision as a result?” Asks Counties Regional Connector, Simon Ladd.

page 3O-33 Counties Trainees have been putting theory into practice as they partnered with K180 for the ‘Big 3 Mission’ in Devon – where they reached out to young people with Good News. Rachel Rounds reports.

page 34 Just a Minute with Clive Cornish.

IGNITE Magazine Summer 2023

IGNITE Counties Magazine Summer 2023.


pages 6-7 Ignite remembers the life of Counties Evangelist, Ivor Cooper

pages 8-15 Two churches – one vision. Church outreach into the community is the priority for growth.

pages 16-17 After a childhood plagued by hardship, Counties Evangelist, Lee Marshland, is using his testimony to reach those whose lives are in chaos.

pages 18-19 “In your lowest point, God uses your bad situation to help somebody else who is going through theirs. Had I not had cancer I would not have had
the chance to meet the people I am now.”
Colleen Rhoden evangelises with Lee Marsland at Encounters Ministries.

pages 2O-21
Counties Evangelist, Mark Bingham, hopes a new group for families with children with specialist needs will spread the Good News and inspire
churches to think creatively.

pages 22-25 Could your church use a health check? The Church Revitalisation Project is already helping churches change for the better.

pages 26-27 Having taken part in One2Lead weekend in Cornwall in 2022, Peter Allin has spent this last year on the One2Lead TEAM programme.

pages 28-31 Senior Evangelist, Roger Chilvers, examines what the early church can teach us about evangelistic opportunities.

pages 32-33 Counties Evangelist, Paul Willmott, talks about his role in the Christian ‘Together Festival 23’.

pages 34
Just a Minute with John Hardwick

Curleys Prayer lettter – Mid-May to August 2023

Curleys Prayer lettter – Mid-May to August 2023

Latest news from the Curleys, share in what God has been doing through ‘Counties’ in Hampshire.

Curleys Prayer lettter – Jan to March 2023

January to March 2023 Curley Prayer letter

Christmas Trivia Quiz 2022

Christmas Trivia Quiz 2022
Ideal for a Family Service / School Assembly / Youth Group or just a bit of fun.

Counties Ignite Magazine Winter

Hot off the press is the Counties Ignite magazine (paper copies available on request).

Great article on Ivor Cooper (page 18), as he shares his personal journey with cancer
and what it has taught him in his walk with God, particularly in
discovering that his identity is not based on what he can do for

October to December 2022 Curley Prayer letter

October to December 2022 Curley Prayer letter