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GSUS LIVE – 5 weeks in Hampshire schools 2011

People Matter More Than Rules

Mark chapter 2 verse 23 to chapter 3 verse 6 – sermon by Gordon Curley.


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‘GSUS LIVE’ at Brookfield Community School

Religious Studies lessons came alive at Brookfield Community School this week. Over 700 students in Years 7, 8 and 9 took their turn in the mobile, multimedia classroom that has been travelling the country. The GSUS experience starts with a 3D video projected on a large screen that really grabs the students’ interest and attention. One Year 9 boy said “It was great – and we got to keep the 3D glasses to check out the website” (

After the short film, students were introduced to one of three characters. Kylie, whose friend had been taken ill. Kylie was afraid her friend might die, and students were asked to give her advice on what to do next. Ben, whose brother stole money from their mum and left home. Jack, who got picked on at school for being overweight. In each case, students could listen to music, hear what individuals had to say, read Jesus’ words from the Bible or watch a short clip from a film before deciding on what advice to give. At the end of the lesson they were presented with a print-out of their responses with further questions to think about.

The GSUS Live Trailer allowed students to learn independently and work at their own rate. It engaged and motivated the students, allowing them to make their own, personal response and of course it was fun!

Is My Life A Victory?

1 John chapter 5 verses 1-12 – sermon by Gordon Curley.


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Jesus Sends Out The Twelve

Mark chapter 6 verses 7-13 – sermon by Gordon Curley.

jesus sends out

(PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:


PowerPoint Quiz/Game – Initials Quiz

PowerPoint Quiz/Game – Initials Quiz – Ideal for a Family Service / School Assembly / Youth Group or just a bit of fun.


‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2011

21 young people and 15 leaders enjoyed a cracking weekend in Bournemouth over the May bank holiday weekend. The weather was sunny and warm which meant we could enjoy lots of outdoor activities.
Ivor Cooper was our guest speaker who shared three teaching sessions on the life of Abraham. Ivor is a gifted Bible teacher who related well to this age group.

We praise God for safety, enjoyment and for speaking to us through his word the Bible!

‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2011

‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2011, Bournemouth, UK – inter-Church Youth Event