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Family Holiday

Great family holiday in Turkey – but what a challenge for Prayer!
Turkey’s transformation from guardian of Christendom to unevangelized nation has been almost comprehensive. For over 1,000 years the region was a bastion of Christendom, but it later became a strong propagator of Islam. The Christian population has declined from 22% to 0.21% since 1900. Only 0.008% of people in Turkey are evangelical; many are ethnic Turks and Kurds, but others are expatriate or from historically Christian minorities. Few of the 73 million Muslims have ever truly heard the gospel. Turkey’s location along the ancient Silk Road routes connected it deeply to Islam for centuries; pray that it might also be used as a bridge between Europe and Asia for the transmission of a revitalized Christianity.
Would you take some time to pray for this country of 72,000,000 people with less than 4,000 believers? Please pray for Pastor Ramazan Arkah and the Evangelical Church in Antalya –

All-impics Holiday Club

Children from a variety of faith backgrounds took part in a recent sports-themed fun days.
More than 50 children – many from a variety of ethnic backgrounds including Nepalese, Congolese, Indian, Nigerian and Pakistani- took part in the holiday club at Wellington Road Community church in Hounslow.

“This was an immense opportunity to share the Christian message with those from a different religious background. Many parents stayed to help out and we shared our Christian faith through sports quizzes, songs, competitions, Bible stories and a DVD with sports people talking about their faith in Jesus.”

Nowhere to Go!

Crossing the Red SeaExodus chapters 14 – sermon by Gordon Curley.

(Powerpoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:


An invitation to family weekend in Hampshire

Summer is looming ahead of us, full of all the things we might be able to do during the long, light evenings or on the warm weekends.
Whatever your plans, why don’t you consider spending the last few days of August (24th-27th) in the Hampshire countryside and discover the ‘2:42 Experience’?
Held at Lockerley Water Farm near the small town of Romsey, the ‘2:42 Experience’ is run by Gordon and Penny Curley and provides a quiet setting for people to unwind. Campers are free to use the on-site facilities: toilets and showers, table tennis, mini snooker, volleyball, or to browse over the huge second hand
bookstall, alternatively you could of course venture out into the locality to swim, shop or just admire your surroundings.

Kathryn and her two daughters from Worthing said: “It’s a fantastic time for family and fellowship. A real opportunity to put Jesus back at the centre of your life. We love it!”

This year, Bob Telford will teach with worship led by John Prockter.

The weekend is a wonderful opportunity to get together with Christians of all ages and backgrounds to experience the ‘teaching, worship, prayer and fellowship’ mentioned in Acts chapter 2 verse 42!
There is plenty of free time for cups of tea with old and newly made friends or to do as little or as much as you like.
Ruth and Robyn Woolger, parents of 6 year old twins, appreciate the kids club which runs alongside the morning meeting. They also like Gordon’s evening activities which they say are “good and lively” and make you “feel like you can be a kid again yourself’.
Nathan, from Fareham, added: “Everyone gets along with each other really well and the weekend gives us a chance to meet new people.”
So, if you like the sound ofthe ‘2:42 Experience’, then book in by clicking on ‘Camps and Houseparties’, and don’t forget to bring some food and something to sleep in, it’s a self catering weekend.
Hope to see you there!

Penny Curley’s Testimony

Penny Curley – Testimony from CountiesUK on Vimeo.