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Ladies Caft Night

Always good to see friends inviting friends to this ‘bridge-building’ event.

School Assemblies

Moldovan Mission 2018 Photo Highlights

During the week the team of 7 evangelists shared the gospel with 623 F.R.A.N.K.S. (F.R.A.N.K.S stands for Friends Relatives And Next of Kin – local believers have been praying for these people for the last three months). 249 F.R.A.N.K.S. prayed prayers of commitment.

Met some great people, have some great memories, shared some great news about a great God!
November: 10th-20th: Moldovan Mission

Moldova Mission Day 9 – 2018

Moldova Mission Day 9 – 2018

Mark McCormick (Moldovan Mission CEO):

“Our final meeting of the mission week took place on Monday when Dave Jacklin gave his testimony (included how Treasures in the snow was instrumental in him receiving Jesus) and then Gordon preached on the 10 Lepers – all different people but with one thing in common – leprosy – just as we are all different but have one thing in common – sin. He followed with an appeal and 9 responded. During the week 623 Franks had the gospel shared with them and 249 prayed prayers of commitment.”

Psalm 130 – Forgiveness (with Moldovan/Romanian language translation)

Psalm 130 – with God there is forgiveness – sermon by Gordon Curley & Moldovan/Romanian language Translator Ina Buzila

PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:


Moldova Mission Day 8 – 2018

Moldova Mission Day 8 – 2018
Preaching in Giurgiulești (which is a commune in the Cahul District of Moldova. It is also a border crossing point to Romania) this morning.


Testimony at Vadul lui Isac followed by gospel preaching by Mark McCormick.

Moldova Mission Day 7 – 2018

Moldova Mission Day 7 – 2018
4 meetings today in the village of Giurgulesti – great responses to the gospel

Moldova Mission Day 6 – 2018

Moldova Mission Day 6 in the village of Moscovei (Moscow) a Russian speaking area of Moldova.
Only one meeting today, we should have had three but due to a funeral two meetings were cancelled.

It was good to pop in and meet the pupils at an after school children’s club, and teach them two verses of the song ‘God is good to me, God is good to me, he holds my hand, he helps me stand, God is good to me’. I may not have been in tune but at least I got the actions right!

Moldova Mission Day 5 – 2018

House meetings (& Church meeting) today in the village of Taraclia

Moldova Mission Day 4 – 2018

Moldova Mission Day 4 – 2018

Today 3 house meetings in the village of Baurci. and a youth club in Cahul.

Lots of responses to the gospel!
In the third meeting we had a drunk man who dominated the time spent there, a sad life and a man who needs the Lord badly.
Overall the best day so far!