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Off on Holiday

On holiday somewhere hot & sunny – back to work 2/8/22

Speakers Corner

Yep, mad dogs & evangelists go out in the midday sun!
Not sure Speakers Corner (Hyde Park, London) missed me over the last two weeks but I have missed it!

“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance”
Robert Quillen

Preaching this morning…

Preaching this morning…

Activity: All-Age Service.
Time: 10.30am.
Venue: Duncan Road Church. SO31 1BD.
Subject: “From Danger into Danger.”
Bible Passage: Acts chapter 23 verses 1-35.
Speaker: Gordon Curley.

Sermon Centrals Weekly Report

Always encouraging to read Sermon Centrals weekly report, a reminder that the text of a sermon can be a blessing to others:

2,206 Total Views
532 Sermons Viewed
74 Countries Reached

To read a comment, “love your work!” is good for the ego or perhaps a better word might be, encouraging!
Always great two recieve several emails each week requesting PowerPoint slides for talks, I am amazed at the variety of countries these requests come from and hope the Pastor/Preacher can translate them into their own language.

Sermon Central:
Equipping Pastors and Ministry leaders worldwide as they study, sermon prep, and share the Word. Website: Click Here

Preaching this evening

Preaching this evening…

Gospel Service
Venue: Cannon Court Evangelical Church in Fetcham. Surrey KT22 9JZ.
Time: 10.30am
Speaker: Gordon Curley
Subject: “An unanswerable argument”
Bible Passage: Acts chapter 21 verse 40- chapter 22 verse 30.

“Good News Worth Hearing!” – John chapter 3 verse 16

“Good News Worth Hearing!”John chapter 3 verse 16 – sermon by Gordon Curley

(PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:


Preaching this morning

Preaching this morning…

Activity: 100yrs Celebration Service
Time: 10.30am
Venue: Duncan Road Church. SO31 1BD
Subject: “Good News Worth Hearing!”
Bible Passage: John chapter 3 verse 16.

Good News Camp 2022 Prayer & Praise

Good News Camps 2022:

Praise for:

*Praise for all the young people booked into Camp! With additional Leaders & Workers Kids we are going to have plenty of people on site!

*A great Camp site – each year Lockerley Water Farm gets better & better and the redesigned kitchen & barn should prove to be a great improvement!

*Praise for a varied team of helpers,(different experiences, ages and Church backgrounds) which will provide a great opportunity to work together (Psalm 133 – The Message: “How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along…Yes, that’s where God commands the blessing.”)

Pray for:

*Pray for the right number of campers, if we have a surge of campers booking in late we will need additional Cabin leaders to look after them.

*Pray forHealth & safety – accidents do happen – pray with us that any accident/health issue will be insignificant!

*Pray for Unity & balancing the team – we have a variety of helpers – pray that we will all compliment each other in our various roles.

*Pray forFor Gordon as he prepares talks for this year’s Camp.

*Pray forFor a good time spiritually– that the week will be marked with conversions and spiritual growth.

Thanks for your prayers & support!

Good News Camp Promo 2022

Good News Camp Promo 2022
We are filling up FAST! So book now to avoid dissapointment!

Sunday August 21st to Friday August 26th 2022

Lockerley Water Farm, Hampshire SO51 0LW

How much?
Only £85

What is it?

‘Good News’ Camps are packed with interest and provide excellent value for money. Campers are given the opportunity to explore new places, meet new friends, and take part in exciting activities! Organised Camp activities include onsite sports and art and craft sessions, plus trips into the New Forest, a jaunt to the beach and a splash in a nearby swimming pool. During ‘free time’ campers can just ‘chill out’ or use the onsite facilities e.g. snooker, table-tennis, volleyball, badminton, football and a variety of board games.
At the beginning of the week all campers are placed into teams and healthy competition is encouraged throughout the week. Teams will compete with each other in a whole range of fun based activities, scoring points and trying to make sure they are the team who will win the team prize at the end of the week!
Note: These Camps are Christian based. That means that each day all campers take part in various forms of Bible study and prayer. The main learning time takes place in an action packed, fast paced programme called ‘T.G.S.’ (The God Slot). This event includes singing, quizzes, Bible readings, competitions, prayers, fun spots, video stories and a short talk.

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