Counties Hants.

Good News Camp 2022 Prayer & Praise

Good News Camps 2022:

Praise for:

*Praise for all the young people booked into Camp! With additional Leaders & Workers Kids we are going to have plenty of people on site!

*A great Camp site – each year Lockerley Water Farm gets better & better and the redesigned kitchen & barn should prove to be a great improvement!

*Praise for a varied team of helpers,(different experiences, ages and Church backgrounds) which will provide a great opportunity to work together (Psalm 133 – The Message: “How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along…Yes, that’s where God commands the blessing.”)

Pray for:

*Pray for the right number of campers, if we have a surge of campers booking in late we will need additional Cabin leaders to look after them.

*Pray forHealth & safety – accidents do happen – pray with us that any accident/health issue will be insignificant!

*Pray for Unity & balancing the team – we have a variety of helpers – pray that we will all compliment each other in our various roles.

*Pray forFor Gordon as he prepares talks for this year’s Camp.

*Pray forFor a good time spiritually– that the week will be marked with conversions and spiritual growth.

Thanks for your prayers & support!

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