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GSUS Live: Schools

GSUS Live is returning to Hants in the September/October term 2019.

GSUS Live: Schools
The GSUS Live education units (we have two) have been used in over 800 UK secondary schools since 2000 and visited by around 500,000 students. In 2016 they were given a £150,000 upgrade. Amazingly it’s FREE for your school to have GSUS Live because the visit is sponsored by Counties, and other donor partners, including a Christian grant making trust and with help from your local churches. GSUS Live is currently taking bookings for about 2 years in advance, and in most areas, demand exceeds availability.
GSUS Live is housed on a purpose-built trailer which transforms into a large interactive learning space, featuring touch screen tablet computers. The trailer weighs in at 14 tonnes and when deployed occupies an area approximately the length of 6 car parking spaces!
GSUS Live is a popular and trustworthy RE resource created by professionals. Famous public figures such as Martin Luther King and Malala Yousafzai feature in the short films which help students consider issues from a Christian perspective, the session complements existing teaching in the RE, PSHE, Ethics or Citizenship syllabus.
Our brochure gives full details of what is included in the lesson, what core skills are developed, how the lesson supports spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC), and key values. In the brochure you can also read quotes from teachers and head-teachers who talked to us about how much their schools and students benefited from GSUS Live, in both rural and multicultural areas.

Encouraging Stats!

Some encouraging stats from the Counties evangelists family.

Rocky’s Plaice Holiday Club.

Lots of fun & laughter on the final day of Rocky’s Plaice Holiday Club.
Fun theme: a fish and chip restaurant that happens to be the meeting place of a church.
Bible theme: Stories from the book of Acts, that involve Peter (‘the rock’).
Venue: Swanfield Chapel. Chichester. UK

Rocky’s Plaice Holiday Club Update.

Rocky’s Plaice Holiday Club at Swanfield Chapel. Chichester. UK.
The first three days have flown by and we have just two more mornings to go, including Friday’s Prize-Giving!
Although numerically smaller this year, it is still great to have around fifty enthusiastic children coming along each day.

Rocky’s Plaice is a five-day children’s holiday club. The club is based in a fish and chip restaurant that happens to be the meeting place of a church that loves helping children learn about Jesus!
When this cafe church was established, the building was renamed Rocky’s Plaice in honour of Jesus’ friend Peter!
The holiday club teaches 5 stories from the book of the Bible called Acts. These stories celebrates how God established the first ever churches and the life of the church today.

Holiday Club

The Net (outeach to men)

School Assemblies

Assemblies in The March CofE Primary School & Boxgrove CofE Primary School Chichester. As well as sharing good news in their assemblies, we will be drumming up support for next weeks Holiday Club.

Good News Camp Team Meal!

Good News Camp Team Meal! Great to say THANK YOU to these people/friends for helping at last year Camp and to encourage them to sign up for this years adventure (Sunday August 18th to Friday August 23rd 2019) – if you want to join the team, then contact me.
For those others who couldn’t make the meal – you were missed!

Whitemoor Lakes Centre

Looking forward to a few days away (January 21-23. 2019) attending at The Association of Evangelists Conference – Whitemoor Lakes Centre – Staffordshire.

Looking forward to hearing Peter Maiden who will be giving the main Bible teaching over the weekend and a variety of others (including Roger Carswell & David Earnshaw) who will provide seminars and other contributions during the weekend.

The Net: Curry Night!

The Net outreach to men – curry night with special guest Solomon Nathaniel who shared his story of how he was converted from Hinduism to Christ.

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