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The Net BBQ

Move over Charlie!

Move over Charlie, there is a younger & better looking option for the people of the UK.

Monthly service at Hawthorne Court, never dull with some great characters among the residents & staff!

Good to share a simple message on Solomon the boy King and Jesus the King of Kings!

Hawthorne Court is a nursing home specialising in dementia care and is set in the beautiful historic Coldeast estate.

StreetMic Interview with Asif & Gordon

StreetMic enjoys bringing you timely news by engaging with ordinary people on the streets of London.(3.97K subscribers).

Wendell Daniel interviews Asif & Gordon at Speakers Corner. Hyde Park. London.

To watch the full programme: CLICK HERE

One-to-One evangelism

One-to-One evangelism @ Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London.

“Evangelism is not a monologue, but a dialogue”. – Jim George”

Speakers Corner in London’s Hyde Park is the oldest free speech platform in the world. People won the right to speak in mass protests in the 1860s and early 1870s. Some people believe the tradition is connected to the right of the condemned to a last speech before being hung at the Tyburn gallows, a practice that stopped at the end of the 18th century. Every Sunday people from all sorts of convictions come to Hyde Park in the afternoon to spead their message or to have fun.

Preaching today…

Preaching today…

Activity: Morning Service
Time: 10.130am
Subject: ‘The Beneficence of Wisdom’ – sermon by Gordon Curley
Bible Passage: Proverbs chapter 4 verses 10-27
Speaker: Gordon Curley
YouTube Livestream: CLICK HERE

‘Body Builders’ Houseparty 2023 – Part 2

‘Body Builders’ Houseparty 2023 – Part 2

‘Body Builders’ is an inter-Church youth event for anyone aged 8 to 15 years.
Bank Holiday HP in Bournemouth. Dorset. UK

'Body Builders'  Houseparty 2023 - Part 2

‘Body Builders’ Houseparty 2023 Photos (Part 1)

‘Body Builders’ is an inter-Church youth event for anyone aged 8 to 15 years.
Photos from our Bank Holiday HP in Bournemouth. Dorset. UK

'Body Builders'  Houseparty 2023 - Part 1

The Final Countdown BBHP 23

Some quotes from the Campers & Leadsers:

Beth’s 13th year!! “Helped me as a camper still encourages and teaches me now I’m a leader and I get to contribute to the youngsters walk with God too!! What could be better! “
Faith’s second year- “mini bus rides with my friends singing and dancing and worshipping all together were the best!!!!”
Lacie’s second year,- “can’t decide whether the food, the swimming or the singing was best!!!! Loved it all!2
Lexi- “I loved the singing in the bus!!! Everyone joined in, it was so much fun!!! It was SOOO loud!”
Hattie- “absolutely loved the chicken casserole and the swimming but especially the chicken casserole!”
Sophia- “I loved seeing Moose fall off the inflatable course in the pool!!!! The swimming was really fun!”
Abi- “10 out of 10!! Amazing weekend!!”
Ben- “It was really good!”
Ava – “I loved the worship songs, they meant a lot to me.”

BBHP Hike!

‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2023

‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2023 starts tonight at 7.30pm.
We will be squeezed, squashed, stuffed, scrunched, packed, compressed and jammed into various rooms at our Church venue in Bournemouth. Dorset.

We are planning to invade The Llittledown Centre, in the swimming pool can anyone beat The Moose on the Crusher Assault Course?

In Swanage can we find that one ice-cream shop in the UK that sells liquorice, yes, that aromatic black substance ice-cream (drooling at the very thought of it!).

A night-time hike over Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve.

And to top it all off our last activity of the weekend a visit to Avon Heath Country Park!

I am shattered just looking at the programme for the long weekend!
Then throw in a great team of helpers, a little bit of chill time, some Bible teaching from yours truly and some indoor games activities, and of course the food, it is beyond “Delicious!”

Me thinks it all adds up to one unforgettable weekend!