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Christian Polemist Hatun Tash is arrested!

Question: How do you keep things calm at Speakers Corner?
Answer: You arrest the victim and ignore those who committed the crime!

Hatun Tash is a well-known Christian preacher who regularly debates Islam and the Qur’an at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. She has faced threats to her life on multiple occasions for speaking, and was attacked and stabbed on 25 July 2021 for preaching at Speakers’ Corner, suffering wounds to her face and hand. Police have repeatedly failed to protect Hatun or make any arrests following her being assaulted and threatened. Instead, she herself has been arrested and detained overnight in a police cell for challenging Islam at Speakers’ Corner.

Hatun, an ex-Muslim and convert to Christianity, is director of the ministry Defend Christ Critique Islam, and has witnessed many Muslims turn from faith to Christianity. She is now being supported by the Christian Legal Centre and counter-terrorism are also investigating the case. Her case raises the question of whether the UK is implementing sharia law through the back door.

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