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Moldovan 10 Day Mission

Moldovan 10 Day Mission

We will be based in north of country, may be near Balti (2nd city) pronounced Beltz, or up to Unghenin, further north. No details of programme, but Mark the organiser says, “very, very, busy!“. Church services on Sunday, November 28 and December 5, including some Russian ones as well as some Moldovan meetings! Sorry can’t be more precise, but that is all I have to go on. The rest of the time we will be involved with 4 to 6 house meetings a day, each meeting will be lasting two hours – gospel preaching with translators.

The other team members will be, Mark McCormack (Moldovan mission), Bob Telford (Warwickshire) and David Brown (West Midlands) from Counties, and Mike Wyatt (Leamington Spa) will also be on team.
The Moldovan Mission has two main aims – to assist the churches to reach Moldovans with the gospel, and to assist with helping the poor. Practically they train and equip pastors to plant churches etc, support for pastors financially, and provide funding for aid so that pastors can help their villagers with food, fuel and emergency medical support. Let’s pray for the safety and effectiveness of Gordon and the other members of the team, for their interpreters and for the pastors and churches witnessing for the Lord in that needy country.

Thanks for your prayers!

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