Counties Hants.

YouTube channel

One of the plus sides to lockdown is extra-time for some of those projects that you never get round to doing!
The extra time means I have been able to work on my YouTube channel, this seems an obvious way to evangelise, Bible teach and keep in contact with people.

YouTube channel:

250+ Videos of Counties Hants past, now and future (more added each week).
❖Sermons & Talks
❖Noah’s Ark Online
❖’Good News’ Camps.
❖’242 Experience’ Family Weekend.
❖’BodyBuilders’ Houseparties.
❖’Splodge’ Houseparties
❖South Hants Bible Camps
❖Counties Hants Missions & Activities.
❖Counties National Promos, Resources Past & Present.
❖YouTube Channel:

I also hope to start revamping this website ready for the New year.

Click here for Youtube Link:

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