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Moldova Mission 2018

Despite EU integration attempts in recent years, Moldova continues to be the poorest country in Europe, crippled by a high level of corruption, political instability and a failing economy. The extreme poverty, especially in rural areas, aggravates related problems like a high rate of alcoholism and an exodus of the working population to other countries, while children and elderly are left behind. However, this situation also creates many ministry opportunities, especially in the area of relief & development.

I have been invited once again to be involved in gospel preaching, this outreach is carried out in partnership with local Moldovan Churches, encouraging them in evangelism as they reach out to their friends, family members and neighbours with the gospel.


I will be based in the South of the country.
Below are the venues and majority of meetings (22 confirmed/planned and some extras will be added as the week unfolds).

Saturday: Fly out to Moldova.
Sunday: Village of Vadul lui Isac – 1 meeting.
Monday: Village of Vadul lui Isac – 3 meetings.
Tuesday: Village of Pelinei/Vladamirovca – 3 meetings.
Wednesday: Village of Burlacu – 3 meetings.
Thursday: Village of Taracl S – 3 meetings.
Friday: Village of Lopatica – 3 meetings.
Saturday: Village of Giurgulesti – 4 meetings.
Sunday: Emanuel preach a.m. + 2 afternoon meetings( dupa masa).
Monday: Team debrief.
Tuesday: Fly home.

I would value your payers that I will be able to cope with the conditions, and to be ready for all that will be expected of him. Pray for the other evangelists in the teams, for the local organisers, for the translators, for the hosts, and especially for the many people who will be reached with the Gospel message. Pray the Holy Spirit will have freedom to touch many hearts.

Please pray for the team:

Mark McCormick (Organiser)
Evangelists: Dave Lynn, Dave Barber, Steve Crithlow, Dave Jacklin, Ray & Gordon Curley.

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