Counties Hants.

The Association of Evangelists Conference

Looking forward to a few days away attending at The Association of Evangelists Conference – Whitemoor Lakes Centre – Staffordshire


Here’s a flavour of some of the sessions planned:

• Three Bible Ministry session from Jonathan Juckes, Kirk Ella
• Three Historical talks on “Lessons to learn from Wesley’s Successors” from David Earnshaw
• Roger Carswell on “FEW and the Gospel Message – the Irreducible Minimum” and “Perseverance in Evangelism”
• Paul Hinton on “Maintaining your Passion in Evangelism”
• Question Panel

Seminars, including:

• Evangelising in a climate of accusations of sexual impropriety
• The challenge to reach children & testimony to answered prayer
• “Britain’s largest youth work”: evangelistic opportunities in the Armed Forces
• Armenian Ministries: evangelism in Armenia and the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
• Church missions
• Youth Culture
• Door-to-Door work
• Evangelistic Resources
• ‘Gospel Magic’ – ideas for everyone

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