Counties Hants.

‘BodyBuilders’ Houseparty 2015

Hard to say in a few words how a weekend away like this impacts so many lives, memories created that will last a lifetime and people encountering the Living God in a new and fresh and for some a first-time way!


Many thanks to the BB team of volunteers & helpers – you all did a great job in making the weekend work so well!


‘Body Builders’ is an inter-Church youth event (& Houseparty weekend) for those in school years 6 to 10


A few quotes from FaceBook:

“Can add Bodybuilders to the list of things I’m glad I gave a try. Loved it! So many amazing people.” – Chris

“I had the best time with the best people!!” – Kathy

“Amazing weekend away:)” – Katie

“Such an amazing weekend away with this crazy lot. Goodbye charminster chapel, see you in a year!” – Becky

“Bbhp 2015, it was a great weekend” – Katie

“A great weekend with great friends ‪#‎bbhp2015” – Beth

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