Counties Hants.

Berrymead Evangelical Church

Looking forward to a good week’s Holiday Club at (Berrymead Evangelical Church Acton, London).
It is a privilege to be able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in this tough multi-cultural area of London.

berrymead hall x2

Don’t be surprised if you see a penguin, a polar bear or even a husky in the Acton area this Holidays! ‘Polar Explorers’ is the fun theme and name of the Holiday Club we are running all week (Tuesday to Saturday).


With the help of Sir Random Finds and Bare Feet, the children are explorers who go on a mini-expedition each day and learn about a New Testament character. Through the lives of these people, they learn that no one is too anything to be part of God’s big expedition, that is, to be a friend of Jesus and go out and help other people be friends of Jesus too.

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