Counties Hants.

Chichester – A Double Whammy!

GSUS LIVE & LIFE Expo at Chichester!
(October 6th to 10th)

I will be at Swanfield Chapel Chichester for the LIFE Expo while Andy Morgan and team of helpers from a variety of Churches in Chichester will run GSUS LIVE at Bishop Luffa School for the week.

Life Expo Photo

The LIFE Exhibition is an educational experience with active learning opportunities. Using PDA technology, with text, graphics, DVD and sound, the exhibition is a ‘hands on’ interactive learning experience. LIFE tells of the life of Jesus, his Jewish roots, his teaching and miracles, and his death, burial and resurrection. The final area of the exhibition is the LIFE Café, where pupils can have refreshments and discuss what they have seen and experienced.


‘GSUS Live’ is a resource that is available to secondary schools.
The aim of ‘GSUS Live’ is to enhance students’ understanding of some of the key teachings of Jesus.

A mobile classroom with a multimedia computer suite is the heart of the project.

It is designed to take classes of up to 32 Key Stage 3 students for a 45 minute session and provides a stimulating environment in which they can investigate Jesus’ teaching on Forgiveness, Fear and Rejection.

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