Counties Hants.

The Net

As the saying goes; ‘Due to circumstances beyond our control…”

A really good night at ‘The Net’ (outreach to men) despite a rearranged programme. Due to a family bereavement our planned lecturer/speaker for the evening understandably had to pull out of tonight’s event. This meant spending a few hours today putting together an alternative programme. Panic over!
Not really! When I checked with our usual venue about how we wanted the room arranged, I discovered that they were not expecting us and had hired out the room to someone else!


A new venue found (thanks West End Chapel).
The activity could go ahead and despite my frantic day, it was a great privilege at the end of the day to share the gospel with a bunch of men.

The original theme for the evening was going to be a lecture on ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’, which is the world’s best selling book after the Bible. I was able to sharing some facts and trivia concerning this unique and remarkable book, this then provided a natural platform for me to bring a gospel message and challenge to the non-Christian men who came along.

The end result of a rearranged day – Good seed sown, please water it with your prayers and let the Holy Spirit do his work (John 16:8 – “He… will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment”)

Final thought: With God there are no accidents only appointments! Everything has a purpose!

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