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A new season of the monthly inter-Church youth event ‘BodyBuilders’ restarted in October. Although numbers are not as large as they once were, this is still a good opportunity to impact young lives. An email from one young person who used to attend ‘BodyBuilders’ as a teenager included this encouragement:
“I was talking to my Dad about you just the other day. I was telling him how instrumental you were in my youth! It would seem an appropriate time to tell you! In all honestly I am very thankful for all the work you did over the years. I can safely say that without the work God was doing through you I and many others would have suffered the same fate many other young Christians do. So many young people lose their way because they don’t have any Christian friends and they don’t have anywhere to go to keep them on track. And instrumental to that is passionate people leading groups for young people to meet up. People like yourself and Penny. Thank you so much for putting so much energy, time and patience into your service. God has used, and I’m sure still is using you, in a massive way.”

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