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Good News Camp Teaching Plan 2022

Good News Camp Teaching Plan 2022. The tallks are coming together, below is the plan, I would value your prayers as I prepare the daily talks and sessions in the build up to Camp. Start date August 21st.

Teaching Theme: The Goospel of Luke.

Main Session Talks:

• Sunday Talk 1 – Character: Let’s meet Luke!
• Luke chapter 1 verse 1-4 & Luke chapter 19 verse 10
• Aim: Introduction of Luke and his Gospel.

• Monday Talk 2 – Challenge: Jesus heals a paralysed man
• Luke chapter 5 verses 17-26
• Aim: – Who is Jesus?

• Tuesday Talk 3 – Choice: The parable of the Sower
• Luke chapter 8 verses 4-15
• Aim: The need to be responsive.

• Wednesday Talk 4 – Change: Jesus encounters Zacchaeus
• Luke chapter 19 verse 1-10
• Aim: The call to follow Jesus.

• Thursday Talk 5 Conversion: Jesus forgives a dying thief
• Luke chapter 23 verses 27-49
• Aim: The need for personal faith.

• Friday Talk 6 Commitment: The walk to Emmaus
• Luke chapter 24 verse 13-35
• Aim: Following Jesus after Camp is over.

Evening Session Talks:

• Monday Talk 1: Into Jerusalem.
• Luke chapter 18 verses 31-34 & chapter 19 verses 35-
• Aim: Apologetics: Who is Jesus?

• Tuesday Talk 2: “Remember Me!”
• Luke chapter 22 verses 14-23
• Aim: Apologetics: Explain why Jesus died.

• Wednesday Talk 3: The Cross
• Luke chapter 23 verses 44-49
• Aim: Apologetics: Explain why Jesus died.

• Thursday Talk 4: The Empty Tomb
• Luke chapter 24 verses 1-12
• Aim: Apologetics: Explain the resurrection.

Good News Camp Prayer Update!

We ask prayer for:

• We are a mixed bunch; we have helpers with different backgrounds and experience– pray that we will all complement each other in our various roles. Pray for unity & balance in the team.
• We have a number of people with health issues, ranging from two cooks with bad knees which makes standing and walking awkward to those who will struggle with hay fever and Asma! Please pray that God will sustain and heal and keep us all healthy during the week.
• For Gordon as he prepares talks from Luke’s gospel for this year’s Camp. Pray that he will pitch it at the right level so that Camper & Leader get something out of the daily sessions.
• For a good time spiritually – that the week will be marked with conversions and spiritual growth.
• Health & safety – accidents do happen – pray with us that any accident/health issue will be insignificant and managed well!

Good News Camp 2022 Leaders Info

RE: Good News Camp 2022.
All Leaders should have received their final information email regarding this years Camp.
If you are part of the team and your inbox is missing this email then please message me.
Note: we have a FULL team of helpers but we still have a FEW places for Campers, so if you know any young people who you think might like to join us, then book in while their is space!

The Joy of Giving

‘The Joy of Giving’ 2 Corinthians chapter 9 verses 6-11 sermon by Gordon Curley

(PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:


Speakers Corner. Hyde Park. London.

One-to-One (or 6 or 8 or…) evangelism at Speakers Corner. Hyde Park. London.
“It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’d damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.” —Bill Murray

Preaching this morning…

Preaching this morning…

Activity: Morning Service.
Time: 10.30am.
Venue: Alderholt Chapel. Fordingbridge. SP6 3BW
Subject: “the joy of giving.”
Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians chapter 9 verses 6-11.
Speaker: Gordon Curley.

GNC – Information for Campers

RE: Good News Camp 2022.
All campers should have received their final information email regarding this years Camp.
If your child has booked in and not had the final email containing, ‘what to bring’ etc. Then please get in touch.

Sermon Centrals Weekly Report

While I was soaking uop the sunshine on holiday last week, my online txt sermons were busy working away!
Always encouraging to read Sermon Centrals weekly report, a reminder that the text of a sermon can be a blessing to others:

1,904 Total Views
485 Sermons Viewed
73 Countries Reached

Sermon Central:
Equipping Pastors and Ministry leaders worldwide as they study, sermon prep, and share the Word. Website: Click Here

And we are back!

Obrigado Alvor, O Algarve nunca deixa de entregar!