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BodyBuilders Campers Application Form

Please complete one application form for EACH person attending.

You can fill out your application in two ways:

  1. Fill out the automated contact form below, and then securely pay online using PayPal
  2. Download the BodyBuilders Campers application form by Clicking Here and mail it to us with a cheque or money order.

Online Application Form

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I am a Parent/Guardian and I have read the information contained in the brochure or on the relevant section of this website, and I am willing for my child to attend the event. The person applying is fit to attend the event and is able to participate in all activities (unless otherwise indicated in my reply to your follow-up email). She/He will abide by event rules or I am willing to collect my child from the event and take him/her back home. If required, I agree that emergency medical treatment may be given as appropriate.

After you fill out the online form above, you will be sent an email to request additional information. You can respond to this request by email or by post.

You will also be linked directly to a page where you can click the PayPal secure payment button to make payment.

We will endeavour to resolve any issues ourselves. In the first instance of any dispute please contact us, however our dispute resolution process is also party to the EU Online Dispute Resolution service.